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Ecosystems 2030 to address challenges of innovation with 60 ‘top’ speakers

A Coruña, Spain, Feb 28 (EFE).- Ecosystems 2030, an international forum on innovation, will convene sixty prominent speakers on May 4th and 5th in A Coruña, Spain, to analyze the challenges of innovation and its impact on society over the next decade.

Artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous systems and vehicles, 3D printing, financial technology, and virtual reality will be some of the topics analyzed at the congress to be held at the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de A Coruña.

This year’s event is the second edition of Ecosystems 2030 in A Coruña and features speakers from around 20 countries from companies such as Google, Meta, Microsoft, Toshiba, Intel, IBM, Oracle, Bosch, Philips, Red Bull, Spotify, Ikea, L’Oreal, Airbus, and PepsiCo. The conference aims to increase the level of the event so that it becomes essential on the international congress calendar.

The president of Ecosystems 2030, Omar Hatamleh, participated in the presentation of the congress from the US city of Houston, Texas, and said that the event aspires to consolidate itself as a “global focus of innovation throughout the world.”

The choice of A Coruña is due, he said, to the fact that the city “meets all the requirements: it is modern, cosmopolitan and has an administrative and business system that has provided collaboration from the beginning.”

Hatamleh advocated for a society that transitions from being “reactive to proactive” and announced that on May 5th in the afternoon, between 3:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., Ecosystems will be open to all A Coruña society to participate in the event with previous accreditation.

The mayor of A Coruña, Inés Rey, indicated that “it is not only the most important congress to be held (in the city) this year, but it is also one of the most relevant nationally and internationally.”

“This year we will have important names from the technological field,” such as the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship of Jordan, Ahmad Hanandeh, and she highlighted the large presence of women on the panel of speakers, such as the former president of Finland Tarja Halonen and the former leader of Slovakia Iveta Radicová.

“The first edition reached more than 40 countries, it was a global success and that is why the parties were pleased to expand the relationship,” said Rey.

“A Coruña should be, and it is, the great reference in innovation and technology and, in parallel, in congress and technological tourism,” the mayor said.

Gonzalo Trenor, delegate of the Xunta de Galicia (regional government), highlighted the “double perspective” of the forum, that of “innovation and business” and recalled that A Coruña is “an ICT city”.

“The Xunta could not remain oblivious to this project, just as it has not been with others such as the ICT city, with which 7.5 million euros are already committed,” he said.

Trenor said that he was especially pleased that they are going “to discuss national and global challenges, the latest trends in innovation and how they affect the administration, families and companies”.

Antonio Viejo, director of corporate affairs for Hijos de Rivera, one of the sponsors of the event, explained that the congress is “a commitment to the present and the future, a project for the country and the city.”

“It places us in the world for a few days as a magnetic pole of attraction to see first-hand what is coming our way. In society we are concerned about the technological transformation that will lead to an economic transformation,” said Viejo, who expressed his hope that A Coruña would be the “Davos of innovation and technology.” EFE



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