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Einstein manuscript on theory of relativity up for auction

Paris, Sep 2 (EFE).- A manuscript belonging to Albert Einstein which contributed to the development of his theory of relativity will be auctioned in Paris on November 23, with an estimated sale price of two to three million euros ($2.3 to $3.5 million).

The document, 54 pages long, contains a “crucial part” of the development of the general theory of relativity, and is Einstein’s most valuable manuscript ever put up for auction, according to organizing auction houses Christie’s and Aguttes.

The manuscript dates back to 1913, when Einstein worked in Zurich with his Swiss friend and fellow physicist Michele Besso.

The paper attempts to offer an explanation for an anomaly in the orbit of the planet Mercury, which was a mystery to scientists at the time.

Einstein and Besso formulated a series of calculations to show that the anomaly could prove the theory of relativity.

However, a series of mistakes thwarted their efforts and by the end of 1913, Einstein dropped that angle of research.

Besso then left the city and took with him the manuscript they had worked on.

In September 1915, Einstein returned to the topic, rehashing the angle and refining their calculations, and that same year published a series of articles demonstrating that his theory of relativity could explain the anomaly in Mercury’s orbit. EFE


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