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Famous Russian actress exiled after calls to end war in Ukraine

Moscow, Mar 21 (EFE).- Russian actress Chulpan Khamatova has gone into exile to Latvia after calling on the Kremlin to end the invasion of Ukraine, which entered its 26th day on Monday.

“I am afraid to return (…), they made me understand that returning is dangerous. Now I am in Riga. What I know is that I am not a traitor. I love my country very much,” Khamatova said during an interview on Youtube.

Khamatova, who rose to fame in 2003 with her role in the German film Goodbye Lenin!, explained that she would have to “stop saying that this is a war and a tragedy” in order to return to Moscow.

“Lie to myself and to the whole world, live a lie. That is in the best of scenarios if they don’t force me to call what is white black,” she stressed, saying her Ukrainian friends have told her what is happening in the neighboring country.EFE


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