Fashion, solidarity come together to save lives of Venezuelan children

Caracas, May 31 (EFE).- Renowned Venezuelan fashion designer Giovanni Scutaro and Funvida (We Are Life Foundation) have joined forces to help fund the cost of cancer treatments for children whose families lack the funds needed for drugs, hospital stays and complicated surgeries.

The Scutaro-Funvida tandem has raised the money needed for a boy and his mother, a donor and a fourth person to travel from Caracas to Barcelona, Spain, where the minor will undergo surgery and later remain in that European country throughout his eight-month recovery period.

The foundation raised the funds by organizing events such as a May 24 fashion show in the Venezuelan capital to present Scutaro’s latest collection. Dubbed “Un Canto a Caracas” (Ode to Caracas), it included the participation of 120 models and was attended by more than 500 people.

Scutaro said he was very pleased with the event, noting that it will cover the costs of transporting the young boy and three other people, his treatment and the group’s stay in Spain for more than half a year.

“(I’m) super happy, because through this we’re also supporting the Funvida foundation,” Scutaro told Efe. “Regrettably, bone marrow transplants aren’t done in Venezuela, but Spain opened its doors thanks to the embassy.”

The designer pointed out that a second boy will travel soon for similar treatment thanks to his collaboration with the foundation, saying that is the best gift he can receive when doing a “show of this magnitude.”

Dr. Ruben Perez Parra, one of the volunteers and leaders of Funvida, told Efe for his part that the most important thing is “to continue enlisting more people who want to join the foundation” so it can continue to help children in need.

Another volunteer, Maria Graciela Gonzalez, thanked Scutaro for his help and said the foundation provides comprehensive assistance to children and their families.

“We support them with all aspects of their cancer treatment, from beginning to end, until they tell us (the child) has been released and is healthy once again,” she said.

In this way, thanks to Funvida’s work and Scutaro’s involvement, the colors, music and models of a fashion show catwalk represent hope for a second chance at life for the most defenseless Venezuelans. EFE


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