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Japan toy company unveils AI doll to keep older people company

Tokyo, Aug 18 (EFE).- A Japanese toy company has designed a doll with artificial intelligence to help tackle loneliness among older people isolated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Takara Tomy toy company, which unveiled the new toy Wednesday, said inspiration for the doll came during the pandemic amid an increased demand for interactive products specifically designed for older people.

With the use of AI and facial recognition, the doll, dubbed Ami-chan, can converse, react and ‘connect’ with its user.

The doll has been designed to look like a grand-daughter and has a child’s voice rather than a robotic one.

She is 30 centimeters tall and has a calendar function that recognizes the different seasons and remembers birthdays.

Ami-chan also recites tongue twisters and suggests healthy meals.

Japan has one of the oldest populations in the world, home to some 36 million people over the age of 65, of whom six million live alone, according to government figures.

The covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on this community, which have been forced to isolate from their families and friends, accentuating their isolation.

Ami-chan will be launched in Japan on August 27.

The company expects to sell some 50,000 units per year.EFE


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