North Korea displays its most advanced missiles

Seoul, Oct 13 (EFE).- North Korean television has shown images of the country’s most advanced weaponry, including the intercontinental ballistic missiles, displayed at a military exhibition early this week.

In the array of missiles was Hwasong-16, the largest intercontinental missile in the North Korean arsenal, and the new hypersonic missile tested a few weeks ago.

The Hwasong-16, first unveiled at a military parade last year in October 2020, was displayed on a heavy-duty Transporter-Erector Launcher (TEL).

Some images displayed on monitors at the exhibition suggested that the yet-to-be-named missile would be called Hwasong-17.

The images broadcast by the state network KCTV showed the Hwasong-8, a newly tested hypersonic missile.

The official media had so far shown only one photograph of the missile.

Apart from other previous-generation projectiles (Hwasong-15, KN-23, KN-24, and KN-25), a missile of the Pukguksong family was also on the display that until now was not seen and whose name is unknown.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un attended the arms exhibition on Monday and defended the right of his country to develop weapons in the face of threats from “hostile forces including the United States.”

The exhibition included an air show and a combat display by North Korean troops.

Kim said the US had not changed its aggressive policy toward Pyongyang.

The North Korean leadership has rejected offers of unconditional dialog from Washington to restart denuclearization talks stalled since 2019. EFE


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