Putin highlights strengthening of ‘new centers of strength’ in Asia

Astana, Oct 13 (EFE).- Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke Thursday about the strengthening of “new centers of strength” in the Asian region when speaking at the VI Summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Measures in Asia.

“The world is becoming truly multipolar. And the role of Asia is very important, if not key, where new centers of force are being strengthened,” he said.

He added that Russia, together with other Asian states, is doing everything possible to create an “equal and indivisible security system, based on the recognized principles of international law and the UN Charter.”

“Like many of our partners in Asia, we believe that it is necessary to start a review of the principles of the functioning of the world financial system,” the Russian president said.

In addition, he advocated for the “liquidation of all illegitimate artificial barriers, which hinder the reestablishment of the normal functioning of global logistics chains to solve urgent issues in the field of food safety.”

“Our Conference and other regional groupings are forced to deal with the solution of many serious problems. I am referring to the global volatility of prices for fuel, food, fertilizer, raw materials and other goods,” Putin said.

In his view, this volatility “leads to worsening quality of life in both developed and developing states.”

“Furthermore, the real threat of famine and social unrest arises, especially in the poorest countries,” he said. EFE


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