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Spanish artist fuses video art, Japanese butoh

Tokyo, Jun 8 (EFE).- Tokyo-based Spanish artist Carolina Ceca on Tuesday presented her new work Intangible, which explores the mysteries of life through the medium of video art and the Japanese contemporary dance style butoh.

When the pandemic broke out, Ceca, born in Spain in 1979 but tied to Japan since 2005, felt an explosion of creativity and launched her first video art project, drawing inspiration from the fact it could be experienced remotely.

A year later, the artist opened Intangible at the Spanish embassy in Tokyo.

In the performance, butoh dancer Shioya Tomoshi takes the viewer on a journey through the stages of life, portrayed with exaggerated expressions and unpredictable gestures typical of the genre.

The dancer moves through the rooms of the installation to music provided by world-renowned composer Marcos Fernández-Barrero.

The pristine white set draws the focus into the sporadic flashes of color. As per tradition, Tomoshi’s body is also painted white.

The Japanese influence in her art is evident, but Cera tells Efe that she always tries to incorporate something from her home country.

“In this work, Spain is in the light and the emotion, and Japan is in the tiny and invisible details.”

Tomoshi started dancing at 21 and is part of the third generation of disciples of the school of butoh, co-founded by master Hijikata Tatsumi.EFE


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