Taliban warn against foreign interference on Soviet invasion anniversary

Kabul, Dec 27 (EFE).- The Taliban government on Monday used the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan to declare that it would not tolerate any more invader in its territory or accept interference in internal matters.

A statement issued by the fundamentalist group, which highlights the importance of the date, said that Afghanistan was a free nation since they seized power in August.

“Forty-two years back the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, and were pushed back by Afghan Mujahideen after 10 years of jihad (holy war) and a hard fight. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban regime), on behalf of Afghan people, condemns the Soviet invasion and appreciate the Afghan Mujahedeen’s jihad for their freedom,” deputy government spokesperson Bilal Karimi said.

The Taliban also warned that they would not let other countries interfere in their policies and internal matters.

However, the regime expressed a desire to establish bilateral ties with the rest of the world, even though so far it has not been recognized by the international community since it ousted the previous government.

The day of the Soviet invasion was an important date for Afghanistan until the Taliban took over on Aug. 15.

Earlier, celebrations were held in the presidential palace and other important places of the country and were attended by former militant leaders who fought against the USSR along with high-ranking officials.

However, the Taliban did not hold any major events and limited their activities on the occasion to a statement and a small event in the eastern city of Logar.

“This is a historical day for Afghan people and Mujahedeen, the day has to be conducted by government officials including (non-Taliban) Afghan mujahedeen, but the Taliban government have only focused on their own achievements, not of the Afghan people,” former militant commander Najibullah Ahmadzai told EFE. EFE


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