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The Istanbul woman turning discarded waste into art

Istanbul, Mar 18 (EPA-EFE).- At first glance, viewers of Deniz Sagdic’s art would be forgiven for thinking they are colorful oil paintings. But on closer inspection, they will see that these works are entirely made from discarded waste.

“About ten years ago when I looked around, I realized that there was a lot of waste,” Sagdic tells EPA-EFE.

“I saw that objects that did not expire were thrown away.”

For her latest project, the artist has collaborated with the waste management center at Istanbul’s international airport, one of Europe’s busiest, which generates about 120 tons of waste every day.

“I started a journey to see if I could make an artwork instead of throwing it away like other consumers,” Sagdic says.

Sagdic wants to encourage people in Turkey to recycle with her sustainable artwork that is made of recyclable materials, which she collects from factories, restaurants, waste collection centers, or people around her. She then separates it by color, tone, and shape in her workshop.

“I have been making sustainable art with sustainable objects for about ten years. I use all kinds of waste materials,” she says.

The artist’s latest exhibition, titled ”0″ Zero Point” is on show at Istanbul Airport.

Global Recycling Day will be observed on 18 March 2022. EPA-EFE


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