Vast Saharan dust cloud blankets parts of Spain, colors sky orange

Madrid, March 15 (EFE).- Much of Spain woke up on Tuesday to orange skies and a layer of Saharan dust that had settled on fields, tarmac, cars and buildings.

The phenomenon, known in Spain as ‘calima’, formed after a wave of hot air dumped a vast dust cloud from the Sahara desert across parts of Spain.

The state meteorological agency Aemet said favorable winds will likely displace the dust and sand particles currently hovering in the air.

Authorities have recommended caution when conducting outdoor activities.

The Celia storm, which is affecting the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, has caused ‘mud rain’ in regions of central, eastern and southern Spain.

Air quality in the capital Madrid was classified as extremely unfavorable by Spain’s national air quality index.

The Saharan dust cloud is expected to last several days, according to weather forecasts.


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